The Extended Network is a multi-media production company that specializes in building lasting relationships with venues & brands to execute successful events & promotional campaigns that are as equitable to all parties involved as possible. It is our promise to provide both effectiveness & value throughout the planning, promoting, & production of each & every event – from intimate gatherings under 50 to crowds of thousands. T.E.N. is comprised of innovative DJs, producers, artist, & graphic designers that are pioneers of music, media, marketing & fashion. Our team understands the science behind successful events & have gained a professional reputation because of it. Quality sound system, lighting, music selection, delivery, entertainer’s energy, crowd control & marketing are imperative elements that The Extended Network delivers to ensure a successful production.

The Extended Network was founded in 2006 by two friends, RD & Neili Neil, with the idea or main principle that “money makes money.”  With this mindset applied to music, these two guys set out upon the world to spread their philosophy; teaching artists, producers, promoters, & friends how helping each other will get each one further than alone. The founding team was able to connect with other people coast to coast with agreed with this approach and so began the synergy of The Extended Network

In 2016 The Extended Network is stronger than ever. Now dubbed “T.E.N.” for short by many, although their list of associates and accomplishments are far from short. Now having affiliations with DJs, photographers, graphic artists, web designers, models, clothing brands & more – there is no telling where the road will take The Extended Network.

The Extended Network has a history of working with nightclubs, lounges, bars, music halls, clothing brands, corporate clients, clubs, charities, colleges/universities, educational workshops, fashion shows, in-store events, weddings, private parties, sporting events, contest, bands & performing artist.

T.E.N. Performers

DJ Neili Neil Azalea Festival Wilmington NC 2016 square DJ Lady Syren Hooligans Jacksonville NC DJ RYRY Hooligans Jacksonville NC DJ Hoody Average Addicts logo Average Addicts logo
DJ Neili Neil DJ Lady Syren DJ RyRy DJ Hoody P*Magik Average Addicts

DJ Neili Neil Azalea Festival 2016 Wilmington NC

DJ Lady Syren Hooligans Jacksonville NC

DJ Hoody Hooligans Jacksonville NC Paint Party

DJ RYRY Hooligans Jacksonville NC

P- Magik

The Extended Network The TEN team

Hooligans Jacksonville NC TEN DJs The Extended Network